Live Event Filming @ Clicks Live | Tyler, TX

Dark Letter Entertainment had the honor to film Titanium White @ Clicks Live in Tyler, TX for Bibeau's CD release party. We used a (five) GoPro camera setup to collect our footage. There were three stationary GoPro units, one on a gimble system and one hand-held. I absolutely love filming live events like this. There's so much that could go wrong and you have ONE shot to get it right. Even thought the band sounded amazing that night, we didn't have access to good mixer audio, so I edited to the studio audio. Editing a live performance with studio audio was by far the most challenging part of this project. Even the greatest bands in the world rarely play the same consistent tempo as they did in the studio. Regardless, with a little editing magic, I was able to get it really close. If you'd like a live event footage of your next event, contact us through YouTube or our website

Band: Bebeau | (
Song: Titanium White

Produced by: Dark Letter Entertainment